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​2026 Second Av NY NY 10029

Spanish & Caribbean Food


Cafe Con Leche Restaurant 


​We are a fusion of Latin & Caribbean food, better known as Criollas Meals.

You can taste from a rich Mofongo (Puerto Rico), Ropa Vieja (Cuban) A Blend of Yellow Rice with Chicken ( Arroz con Pollo-Dominican),  Paella (Spain),  Fried Red Snapper, Oxtail Stew, Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, and many more, served with delicious white or yellow rice and tasty red or black beans, accompanied by Green Bananas (Tostones) or sweet Bananas (Maduros)  that will transport you on a journey to the Caribbean Islands.

And every day we have Happy Hours from the time we open until closing time. Delicious Mojitos, Sangrias, Margaritas and our specials drinks.

Our atmosphere is pleasant and invites you to share and celebrate with family and friends.